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It's Complicated

Sep 25, 2019

We have money expert, New York Times best selling author and anchor lady alum Nicole Lapin in to discuss how to master the Complicated balance between your romantic and professional life, why you can have and eat your cake, how to thoughtfully procrastinate, why you should forgive yourself for not getting everything done, how Nicole found happiness after hitting rock bottom and why it should be viewed as a light shining towards a new tunnel, how to cope with your triggers, why putting on your oxygen mask first is the best life advice a flight attendant can give, how the 12 steps are helpful for everyone when encountering any challenge, how to say yes to saying “hell no” with out sounding like a maj bitch, why everyone is sick of people who wear the “busy badge of honor” and why you can’t be everything to everyone, how the hey method works better than dating apps, why you should put down the damn phone and how to do all of this with out buckling under the pressures of being a SUPER woman!


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